I'm a freelance graphic designer living in Yorkshire and working wherever there's an internet connection. As a freelancer, I specialise in creating logos and other brand assets for you or your organisation. I'm also a website team leader with front end development skills, and I've had some surprising and wonderful roles in designing football shirts.

I'm inspired by:

If you'd like to discuss a project, I'd love to chat. Feel free to drop me an email (opens in new window) with a bit about the kind of work and timeframes you have in mind, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I'm also on Threads (opens in new window) and Instagram (opens in new window), if social media is more your speed.

Design experience

I currently lead a team responsible for the design, development and content strategy of a university website serving the primary purpose of marketing and student recruitment. As such, we work with partners to develop and maintain a pattern library of flexible elements, designed to be suggestive of the university's modern-leaning, open-minded and community-spirited principles. With a variety of audiences to account for, we follow invaluable guiding principles: keep user journeys relevant and simple; content is king; and refer to the source of authority.

I'm also experienced in taking project briefs and brand guidelines, and using these to create visual assets for use across digital and print. I've worked on logos, posters, booklets, social media graphics, templates for graphics and printed materials, front-end web development, brand identity packages, and pattern design (primarily for sportswear). I like to explore how these things communicate their message, whether overtly (a poster needs to quickly convey one key message in an appropriate tone of voice, or a booklet needs to be easily scanned whilst balancing the depth of information available) or more abstractly (how does a new logo find resonance with an established fan base, or how can a pattern represent a nation?).

I hold an MSc in Information Technology from Leeds Beckett University, and a BA (Hons) in Product Design from York St John University.

About this site

This site uses the free variable font Work Sans (opens in new window), and the fun piece of JavaScript that allows the home page blocks to fall, fly and be dragged around is written by Mr Doob (opens in new window). There are also a few simple principles I've followed when building this site:

  • Make sure the HTML is semantic and content makes sense without CSS or JavaScript;
  • Make sure the site is still usable when JavaScript is switched off;
  • Design for mobile first;
  • Keep the file size of each image to 500 kB or smaller where possible (where this is exceeded by GIFs and some images with transparency, keep these files to 1 MB or smaller);
  • Check accessibility using the free axe DevTools browser extension (opens in new window).

If you notice anything contrary to the above, it shouldn't be! Let me know and I'll happily fix it.